NIT Durgapur students on indefinite strike

The students of the National Institute of Technology NIT, Durgapur are yet again on an  indefinite strike since October 05, 2016, this time over a stringent rule in their hostel, which led to the expulsion of two final year Nepalese students from the hostel. 

Disciplinary action has been taken against two Nepalese students, Ojas Tulsyan from Biotech Engineering and Suman Gurung of Mechanical Engineering, for letting the former’s cousin stay in their campus hostel room.  As per the hostel rules, family or relatives are not allowed to stay in the hostels of the campus premises. Subsequently, disciplinary action was taken against the two students, where both of them have been expelled from the hostel. Ojas Tulsyan has also been slapped with a ‘year-back’ by the disciplinary committee, which means he has been expelled from the institute itself, resulting in the loss of a year academically. 

A fourth year student says, “The strike is against the unbelievably harsh decision taken against two Nepalese students. Our demand to the authority is to reconsider the decision and minimise the punishment. This is not only a fight for two people, but also a fight against the chief warden.” Students have alleged that their Chief-Warden Dr. Kalyan Adhikari has a personal vendetta against the students, which is why the disciplinary committee took a harsh decision against the two. 

In a show of solidarity, students across all years have decided not to attend their classes. “The administration has decided not to cancel the on-going placement drive in the campus due to the strike. Every time there has been a strike, the administration has threatened that they’ll cancel the placement process. Students were worried, however, our protest will continue against their punishment.” says Shoumik Chatterjee, a fourth year student. 

Ironically the indefinite strike may last only for the next two-days as the semester for most students, will end by the end of the week. They will have their Diwali break. They students however, expect a positive response from the administration as soon as possible. Prof. A.K Bhattacharya, Dean of Students Affair says, “The matter may be re-considered. However, we hope the students will return to the classes.”