Christopher Nolan once said, films are dream machines that transform our dreams into reality. What has it got to do with my PGDM course at NIBM, you ask? It has been a journey of dreams and in the end, it was all made real. Thanks to the knowledge, guidance and opportunities I got at NIBM.

When I decided to join NIBM, I also decided to resign from an IT job, which promised good returns but my heart was not in there, my eyes were set on having a PGDM degree in Finance and NIBM with its curriculum and rich history seemed to be the obvious choice. I chose it over another prestigious Business school in Mumbai.

I knew I had made the correct decision, once I settled into the classes at NIBM, delivered by Professors with the highest qualifications and pedigree, yet they guide with such humility that stand out for any young person who wishes to lead people in the future.

The opportunities at NIBM are aplenty from learning banking and finance from industry veterans and experts to sharing stage with colleagues at events that are as much a learning curve as joyful they are. The students at NIBM come from a whole spectrum of backgrounds varying in education, geography and experience. I learned a great deal from my colleagues who became cherished friends of mine during my stay at NIBM. All of us began the course with great enthusiasm, something that we continue to have for banking and finance.

A feature of PGDM at NIBM is its rigor in testing students’ ability through exams and assignments. All the students, including me, have tolled hard with the assignments but with each assignment we had improved, as someone who had no idea of accounting when I began the course, I stand witness to how much someone can gain from these assignments.

My first year was a learning curve but the learning was not over as curtains were drawn upon the academic year. The stage was shifted to Integrated Risk Management Department in Head Office of Andhra Bank, where I did my Summer Internship. One of the privileges of studying at NIBM is the exposure that we get to the Banking Industry with the rich network of connections that NIBM possess. With this opportunity, I have learned how a bank works and the mind-set of bankers. I got to know the difference in theory and practice of Risk Management.

This helped me a great deal, as I turned a little wiser, I could target my areas of interest and knew exactly what to emphasise on. As 2nd year gained steam, came the mother of all projects, the Banking and Finance project. Thanks to the opportunities available, I could proceed with the project I had in my mind and also get the guidance that would make my project a success. This also helped me achieve greater things. This project is what I could pitch in during the Interview at placements during the 5th Trimester. Thanks to the project and the guidance, I got throughout my stay at NIBM, I landed my dream job at the Big 4 Consultancy firm Deloitte.

And that’s when dream turned into reality. A dream so powerful that it needed all the support of NIBM, a place which made me a better person than I was before and turned me into a true professional.

  • Sumedh Vemuri,

II PGDM B&FS (2016-18)

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