New Course Launched: Master 8 Key Deductive Reasoning Concepts in 2 days

Hi everyone!

Today we have launched a new course for you: 8 Key Deductive Reasoning Concepts in 2 days. The
objective of this course is to enumerate and elucidate the key concepts for
deductive reasoning. The course covers the two major areas that constitute
deductive reasoning, syllogisms and logical consistency. To join this course,
go to:

Deductive reasoning is key topic that features in a number of
examinations. It is a part of MBA entrance, Banking, SSC and UPSC (CSAT) exams.
In fact, a fair majority of these exams feature questions on syllogisms. These
questions either make an appearance in the verbal section of the exam or at
times are a part of the reasoning section of the exam.

Deductive reasoning, as the name suggests, is a topic that is
based on logic. The topic can be approached with a set of handy rules that
simplify the topic and ensure that the problems can be solved in a step-wise
manner. In this course, we explore this set of rules in a manner that not only
helps you to develop a hold over the concepts but also helps develop a roadmap
to solve questions. This course, as we said above, consists of two parts. The
first part deals with syllogisms. This part is about solving questions with the
help of analysis of statements and set theory. The second part deals with
logical consistency. In this part, we explore the various kinds of conditional
statements used to build deductive logic questions.

Both parts of the course are accompanied with exercises. You
should solve these exercises as these illustrate the different question types
that are a part of deductive reasoning. With the help of these exercises, you
will be able learn the practical applications of the concepts you have learnt.

All that is required of you is about 30 minutes of your time for
the next 2 days and you can be a deductive reasoning champion. Worth the
investment, right? So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our preparation section and start
the course as soon as you can

Happy Learning..:)