New Course Launched: 7 Short-cuts to solve Para-jumbles

It is that time of the week when we bring another course for you.
This time, it is a verbal course that helps you solve Para-jumbles.  Para-jumbles, also known as Sentence
Rearrangement, is an important topic that features in a number of entrance
exams. In fact, in CAT-2014, the number of Para-jumble questions jumped to 4 in
the exam (which was way higher than the number of such questions in the last
five years.) Along with CAT, Para-jumbles are an important part of other MBA
entrance exams and also feature heavily in Banking and SSC exams. Considering the
wide scope of the topic, it makes all the more sense for you to spend some time
on time on the topic and understand the various nuances that affect the topic.

The objective of this course is very simple: to provide you to
easy to understand short-cuts that can be used effectively to solve Para-jumble
questions. Para-jumble questions, more than anything else, are driven by common
sense and the ability to use clues to solve questions. The different types of
clues that govern this question type are illustrated in this course. So if you
go through this course, you are set on a journey to effectively use the power
of these shortcuts to improve your efficiency for the topic.

All that is required of you is about 15 minutes or less for the
next 1 day and you are in a position to be a reasoning champ. Seems to be an
attractive option, right? So, what are you waiting for then? Head over to our
preparation section and access the course here:

Take up this course as soon as possible as more such courses are
on the way.

Happy Learning..:)