New Course Launched: 20 Business terms you should know

Hi everyone!

Today we have launched a new course for you: 20 Business terms you should know. This
course will bring you up to date with 20 terms that are commonly used in
business contexts. All it will take is roughly 15 minutes of your time and you
will be equipped with the meanings of business related words and terms. To join
this course, go to:

Business is at the core of most engagements and transactions that
take place in the world. Considering its importance, it is obvious that it has
a huge set of terms that are used in the business contexts. This course
highlights 20 such terms and explains the practical implications of these
terms. Armed with the knowledge of these 20 terms, you will be able to
understand business contexts and conversations a lot better.

take up subject vocabulary?

This course is part of our series of courses on subject
vocabulary. These courses aim to explain and highlight the important terms of
subjects that matter. How does this help you? It helps you in two ways. One, it
provides you knowledge with regards to a particular subject. Secondly, keeping
a wider perspective in mind, this helps you understand how things operate and
which are the key ideas shaping the world. Subject vocabulary has an inherent
relationship to your ability to comprehend particular contexts and taking up
these courses would assist you in the same.

Considering this course essentially takes just 15 minutes, you
should immediately head over to the courses section and take up this course. Take
up this course as soon as possible as more such courses are on the way.

Happy Learning..:)