New Course Launched: 15 Economics related terms you should know

Learning is a continuous process and in order to maintain the
continuity of your learning, we have launched another vocabulary course. The
course, 15 Economics related terms you
should know, has a self-explanatory title and focuses on economics-related
terms that are significant for understanding everyday events.

Economics is one subject that has paramount importance in the
world as it bears a direct co-relation to the financial activities of the
world. We often hear of terms such as capital, venture capital, inflation, GDP,
GNP etc. and wonder about the exact meanings of these terms. This course
explains the meanings of these terms and in effect, helps you gauge finance and
economics related events better.

take up subject vocabulary?

This course is an example of subject vocabulary as it deals with
the jargon and terminology adopted in a particular subject. Why should anyone show
interest in a particular subject? If you think about this question, you will
actually understand the usefulness of this course. The sum total of knowledge
out there can be broken down into various subjects and if you are equipped to
handle the terms of these subjects which are used on an everyday basis, you are
bound to significantly enhance your ability to understand and comprehend
matters at hand. This is the relationship subject vocabulary has to
comprehension abilities and this is why you should take up this course.

This course is going to take is roughly 10 minutes of your time
and by the end of it, you will learn the 15 most common terms related to
Economics. Seems to be a good offer, right? So, what are you waiting for? Head
over to our preparation section and access the course here:

Take up this course as soon as possible as more such courses are
on the way.

Happy Learning..:)