New age education- beyond class rooms

Is a degree enough to ascertain the possibility of a secured future? A question as perplexed as time itself still haunts the budding minds today. With a plethora of numerous fields and varied subject lines, the choice of selecting a course that articulates a student’s potential can be a confusing, if not an unthinkable task. But even if that’s taken care off, the issue of self doubt still remains. And why not? As the world constantly grows competitive and evolves at an unprecedented rate, the line between a stable carrier and an uncertain future goes blur by the moment.

What is more, is that companies nowadays are looking more towards the skill set of a person than his or her degree or certification. Take Google, the internet search giant for example. According to an article on its hiring patterns, Google clearly expressed its conundrum of selecting the right candidate from a profusion of applications from Ivy League colleges and other similar organizations. Sounding a bit liberal in his insights, Lazlo Block the chairman of Google articulated the core values and skills Google looks for in its desired applicant. He disclosed the fact that how a degree can turn out to be futile in demonstrating the skill level and talent of a candidate. After all, it’s not the badge that counts but the materials within.

Despite of being high school and college drop-outs, people have not just made a name for themselves but also made others proud of them too. It’s not about the knowledge they have learned but the skills they possess to achieve what they have gained today. “It’s those exceptional human beings, whom we should do everything we can, to find.” Bock said. He emphasized the need of hard work and creativity higher than a fancy degree or a prestigious internship, unless the candidate has something to show for it.

This brings us to the crossroad of selecting between a degree course or the one that stresses on skills development. With the rise of learn-at-your-pace courses and specialized skill enhancement colleges, both online and offline, there hasn’t been a better time to train yourself in the necessary skills required to excel in today’s work environment. Organizations such as the Adianta School for Leadership and innovation are a fair example of this new age study medium. Based on the principal of harnessing innovation, Adianta offers a range of study programs that can be used as a medium to garner specific skill set. In broader terms, this kind of approach is what the world needs right now instead of the age old saga of rendering university courses as proof of relevant qualifications.