Myracles Speak:: Why I chose MYRA for PGPX 2015-16?


After sailing on ships for about 8 years, I felt that I should go for
higher studies. An MBA, for sure, was the best thing I could have chosen for
higher studies .Today, there are 1000’s of colleges which offer a good MBA and
all of them claim to be the best!!  Hence,
it’s a challenging job to search a good college. So I applied to a few good
colleges which suited my needs. But then, a close friend of mine suggested me MYRA.
He just said to me” just check out their website and you will feel to
study there.”

I logged on to MYRA’s website. After browsing through the website, I felt that
there was something different about MYRA. Its sprawling green campus, its
innovative and beautiful building, its classrooms, its curriculum with a vast
range of core and elective courses, and most importantly, its highly qualified
faculty (all of them PhD’s in their domains) and excellent placement record, attracted

So, I started applying for it. I knew about the application procedure of
other colleges which is almost same for every college (looks like they blindly
follow similar pattern of application!). A very long form, with a lot of
details to fill in, 2-3 essays and 2 letters of recommendation from the
supervisors (looks like they are poor in choosing on their own and needs
someone else’s reference) is the normal content of their application. Applicant
is half dead by the time application is completed!

But MYRA’s application process is very simple. Just fill the online form, which
is short and simple and contains everything that the institute must look at,
before selecting an applicant. MYRA looks into every aspect of a candidate’s
profile (Unlike other good colleges where high GMAT score is top priority). Candidate’s
academic performance, be it in secondary school, higher secondary school or
college or his extra-curricular activities or his additional activities or the
GMAT score, everything has equal importance for MYRA. So don’t be disheartened
if you have low GMAT score (mine was 550). MYRA will find the diamond in you,
which even you may not be aware of, and select you. Crux is the ‘statement of
purpose ‘: one single essay, which tells everything about the applicant. Looks
like, MYRA knows exactly what to look for in an applicant before selecting

Even the interviewers are cool. I had an online interview. They made me
comfortable during the interview and it was a very pleasant experience to be
interviewed by them.

In today’s world, where imparting knowledge has become a real time business
and can cost you a fortune, MYRA belongs to a new class of colleges where real
values are taken care of and world class education, from world class faculty,
is being imparted in India (Mysore) at a very affordable price.

Don’t believe??

Check out MYRA’s website and feel the difference!!!

Aseem Khare

MYRA PGPX candidate (2015-2016)

[email protected]