Globally benchmarked faculty, a twinning partnership with U15 Canadian University, Affordable Tuition Fee and the prospect of Canadian Work Permit got me to explore the MYRA-Dalhousie Global MBA (GMBA) program. With the 1st year of this unique GMBA program being in Mysore, India – I explored doing the intensive 72 credit PGPX given my 8+ years of work experience. I am undergoing the same (PGPX) prior to flying to Halifax for the 2nd year GMBA curriculum. I am undergoing 15 Core, 8 Electives, and 1 Business Capstone to complete the intensive PGPX requirement.

Completion of the GMBA will ensure placement assistance from the Dalhousie MCS (Management Career Services) team in Canada in addition to the work permit option and long-term Canadian Permanent Residency. The GMBA seeks a robust GMAT or a GRE as one of its key criteria, along with a global outlook, ability to contribute to the class and well-rounded essays and interview performance. With a final program and living cost which comes to half of what it would take for doing a 2 year MBA in Canada, the MYRA-Dal GMBA is a positive value-add option for experienced professionals like me.

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