MYRA School of Business, Annual Fest – MYRAGO


February 28 – March
1, 2015

School of Business conducted its first annual fest, “MYRAGO! 2015”, on February
28th and March 1, 2015. The theme of the fest for this inaugural year
was “Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship.”  The event focused on management activities
related to social causes.

The MYRAGO-Fest event was inaugurated by lighting of
the traditional lamp by Colonel Das Gupta. 
Colonel Das Gupta has served the nation
in the Indian Army as well as contributed to the IT industry through his
services with CISCO, MindTree and other multinational companies. 

2015, was a one-of-a-kind event-unlike many other fests, its focus was on
developing responsible business managers of tomorrow-socially aware, morally
and ethically strong, and equipped with the best of skills to facilitate career

had organized a plethora of events and contests, where participants and
spectators alike, could learn about topics that bring attention to social
causes dear to them, while also having fun doing all of this.

workshops were also conducted by Eminent Women’s Development Consultant and
Founder Trustee of the Guild of Women Achievers, Mrs. Chaya Srivatsa, on “Visibility In Your Organization” and
by Mr. Anil Srivatsa, CEO – Radiowalla Network Pvt. Ltd, on the “Power of Networking”.

of the fun events organized:

· Soorat-Face Painting

· DJ Wars-Disk Jockeying

· The Rock Show-Rock
Bands Competition

· 3 Minutes to Fame-Talent

· Ad Zap-On the Spot
Advertising Contest

· Awaam-Street Play

· The Director’s Cut-A
short movie making competition

· Say Cheese-Photography

· The Puzzler-Quiz

All events were open to the student community from Undergraduate
& Postgraduate streams, to members of corporates, and to individuals in and
around Mysore. It was a forum for interaction and networking-an important
aspect to being successful in today’s corporate and entrepreneurial world.

goal was to help all students to benefit from the tie ups which MYRA has with
global universities and professors, and MYRA’s understanding of the current
business scenario, and the emphasis given to ‘giving back to the society’.

Das Gupta addressed the students on ‘Thoughts
on Leadership for the 21st Century Managers’.  He said that succeeding as a business leader
today has become a more daunting endeavor than ever before.  Given the plethora of inputs, the need for
growth through innovation, the multifaceted challenges of a business that are
the order of the day, good leaders require a different set and a new combination
of skills to manage businesses in the tumultuous, complex and global
environment, he said. 

thinking ability, transdisciplinarity – to grasp the breadth of the business –
as in manage areas of work adjacent to your core areas, cross-cultural
competencies to imbibe the gamut of global cultural similarities and
differences, the ability to prepare for multiple scenarios, a collaborative
problem-solving attitude, a balancing approach to deal with internal and
external factors, are all the key qualities of good leaders of the 21st
century, he said. 

emergence of social media is putting a premium on the business world today,
hence leaders must be able to readily seek and leverage new technologies and understand
the ever-growing impact of social media on businesses, Colonel Das deliberated.

emphasized that while organizations will continue to expand into new
geographies, leaders will need to be proficient in managing a diverse
workforce, be sensitive to cultural similarities & differences and
understand international markets. To operate in today’s fast-paced, complex
business environment and connect with an increasingly diverse, dispersed,
tech-savvy workforce, leaders must equip themselves to embrace and drive change
in response to or in anticipation of business imperatives and effectively
master the cycle of change. Where once stability, regularity, indifference, and
order were the goals of good management, Col. Gupta said, in this digital age,
the task that justifies the survival of all managers has more to do with
instability, irregularity, difference, and disorder. 

therefore stressed upon the positive play factors of good leaders-like clear
vision, integrity, Inspirational qualities, good communication skills and most
important being able to “Walk the Talk”.

Shalini R Urs, Founder Chairperson, MYRA welcomed the speaker and Dr. Abhinanda
Sarkar, Associate Dean of the Institution, thanked the speaker. The event was
well attended by the students of the MYRA School of Business while local
colleges in and around Mysore participated in the various festive events.…