My new Love

So, Valentine’s day just went by. Other than being blinded by the number of red things on display at shop showcases, and the urge to hang myself at the overdose of PDA by couples, pretty much a normal Friday.

But I admit, I got caught in the hoopla; that’s when I felt like talking about my new love.

Alright I admit it now. I am 24 years old, and only recently, learnt how to ride a bike!

It is not because of lack of interest. I have been interested in automobiles since I can remember. It was just the lack of opportunity. In fact, it was my 19 year old brother taught me how to ride!

Actually it is his bike. My dad bought it for him. I thought he should have a bigger bike, but he said ‘any bike’ would do. So it’s his now, I get to buy my own when I save up enough money.

Well, the initial stages were like how they normally are. Lot’s of slipping gears, wrong shifting, bike dying out in the middle of a traffic signal, plenty of honking and stares directed back at you. Then my brother went out of town for a conference, and I had the bike to myself for a week. It was then that I became accustomed to it.

When my brother came back, he approved of the improvement I had undergone. But now I only occasionally take the bike along for a ride.

This happened a week back. My brother was to return late at night, and I was to pick him up from the railway station. Riding in the night, the road to and from my house has a golf course and plenty of hills alongside. Riding at a leisurely pace, the roads empty, not a soul in sight, not a sound except my bike roaring along. It was then and there, that I fell in love with riding.

I have heard love sonnets written about biking, and all kinds of rosy thoughts and deep philosophies. But to experience it all first hand, is quite something. I have found something that shall now stay close to me all my life.

Now if I could only convince my Dad, that a Royal Enfield would be a good investment !