My last year

“You will be relieved by evening”,these are the words of a surgeon that still recite in my mind.Diagnosed with gall bladder stones that came out & stuck in connecting tube coming from liver.Sounds weird? it is.So,i reached hospital next day with strong mental makeup.Spent 3 hours anxiously for my turn in preoperative room.Operative room was more like a stadium where i laid down on pitch(bed) & huge flashlights focused on me ,waited for umpires(surgeons)but they never came(i was put to deep sleep.A sudden pain in abdomen woke me up & minutes after i was regurgitating mess on my bed.Father was shocked,but i was not(lost my cognitive ability).Minutes after,i was shifted to emergency maa was waiting for me at home,but here i’m.At midnight,lightning came down on me,pain moved beyond my threshold.I started to feel as if someone is cutting my abdomen with knife.i cried for help in front of relatives of other patients,they looked baffled.Yes,i felt i’m dying,this is the pain one gets when death comes to his door(later come to know i was suffering from severe pancreatitis,contradiction of my surgery,pancreatitis’s pain is worst among diseases according to medical books).Next morning shifted to ICU,where the neighbouring patient was on ventilator(horrific scenario).Next day my parents & friendscame,who started looking at beautiful doctor who was receiving me & so i.Three days in ICU,then to ward total 7 days,not to forget,didn’t consume even a drop of water,skin started peeling out due to dryness & started getting hallucinations(about waterfalls,ganga-maa).Shifted to a famous hospital of delhi,where they said they would put a tube in to my nose-intestine(i thought how i’d breathe)to feed me,not to tell how painful the procedure was,as if someone strangling my throat.15 days went,still no water,no food,confined to a room,watching birds from my window,remembering the time i ran in Delhi marathon,i tried to walk but failed,didn’t have enough ATP’s.3 days after i walked,supported by father & holding my bag which was storing my stomach waste.30th october 2012,myCAT day,i gave it looking at birds from window,IRMA D-Day came,i gave it with firm determination by walking on my own.On 20th day i felt glassy liquid in my mouth,taste was unforgettable.I discharged after a month stay,went final surgery 3 months after,gall bladder removed.Within 1.5 month started lifting dumbbells to challenge myself,learned 1 thing through ordeal,rise above the obstruction through mental make up,there is glowing sun above the dark clouds,you just need to change perception.My fate took 30th october 2012,but i challenge that by choosing same 30th october 2013 for CAT,where i ll beat my past.