My journey to IIT Tirupati!

IIT JEE: few consider this the toughest of all entrance exams in India. I was of the same opinion, something more than just that, in fact.

I passed my Class 10 exams with flying colours. Then came the biggest question for my life, “What to do now? Shall I take MPC or BiPC?” I had no idea. So I left it to my father. Few days later he came home, as usual from office, and said, “You are going to prepare for IIT JEE.” I agreed as I didn’t have any idea about which course to opt for.  A few days later I joined college. My mind was blank, since none of my school friends joined with me. Life was boring. Completely new faces, and my best friend was only me. Gradually I started making friends in my class. Unexpectedly, boring college life started becoming interesting. Is this what I came to this college for? No, the main reason is to crack IIT JEE. I started preparing, and at the same time enjoying with friends. The beginning of my preparation was quite wild but later it turned out to be interesting. The class were interesting and the professors awesome, they always clarified each and every doubt we had. I took suggestions from them regarding which book to read and prepare from.

Apart from IIT JEE, we even have to study for our board exams. We spent time for it with great concentration; the fact is the concentration I showered on my board exams is greater than the concentration I displayed for IIT JEE. The only doubt I had, ‘the IIT JEE is a tough exam, how can I crack it?’ Keeping this in mind, I put my efforts on weekend exams, conducted every Saturday and Monday. These weekend exams helped me a lot at the end, letting us know the topics we had to concentrate on.

Days passed like that and the countdown for the IIT JEE began. Earlier my preparation was partial and that preparation was for marks, as I didn’t know the importance of IIT. Then I started preparing for myself. I started enjoying whatever I study; now what I do is not just for marks but for my future. I took suggestions from my professors. There was a stage where I thought of giving up, but my professors gave me hope, saying, “Don’t think you are preparing for IIT JEE. Don’t fix the boundaries, just think that you are doing it out of your interest.” People don’t believe it, but those words are true. You can’t achieve anything unless you do it out of your own interest. With that attitude, I cleared the IIT JEE and joined IIT Tirupati.

IIT TIRUPATI: New place and new environment, it has people from most Indian states. Till then, I was of the opinion that newly born IITs do not have proper facilities and faculty. But to my surprise, though we are the pioneer batch, I didn’t find any problem here. Hostels are very good, better than I expected. The temporary academic building is also quite good with labs and classrooms. The faculty are experienced and no one can even imagine that a newly born IIT can be this good. The first semester has completed successfully and we are going to enter the second semester after the vacation. A new beginning to start in the New Year…

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