My Journey in aspiring My Passion

Are you responsible for someone’s smile, a smile filled with gratitude, a smile filled with hope, a smile filled with desire? If you see that, you will never dare to lose it from your vicinity. The same happened with me. Whenever I see a person smiling because of me, I feel delighted. My passion rose from this experience. My pursuit for that smile, for that hope helped me realize my passion. The quotation that attracts me the most is “Help ever, Hurt never”. I decided to follow that whatever may the circumstances be. Fortunately it gave me happiness, zeal to do something new.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a droplet in an ocean, but the ocean will remain incomplete because of that missing drop. I believed in this theory and started doing little things in my reach through which I can help others. I found teaching is the only thing which I can do at this stage. As Mother Teresa rightly said “we cannot do great things on earth, only small things with great love’. Whatever I have done I did them with great passion and love.

MAD, Make A Difference gave me a platform to fulfill my aspiration and that’s my first experience as a teacher. As someone rightly said, to understand the difficulty of a person, put you in their shoes, I came to know the difficulty of a teacher when I became one. It left me with the experiences which can’t be expressed in words or gesture. It’s an overwhelming feeling which comes along with of mere satisfaction and pleasure, seeing smile and hope in someone’s face because of you.

I feel blessed to have everything in my life. I feel relieved when I spend my time with them. I forget all my worries, regrets, aspiration towards materialistic things. I started realizing I’m in better position than many others in the world and decided to help the needy. The only thing I can do to help them now is to share the knowledge which I have and encourage them depending on their talents. Encouraging their strengths, enhancing their negatives and helping them cope up with their studies is what I can do at this stage.

Now, my glee at IFIM is shiksha aadhar through which I’m quenching my thirst, fulfilling my desire, without which my contentment is incomplete. I can cherish every moment with them and whenever I’m hurt, I get motivated by them, they can change my mood and enlighten my face with smile. Their innocent smile, mischievous actions helps me recover from any kind of stress or agony and spread a smile across my face. This isn’t for anyone except myself, to fill incompleteness in my life, to get a smile of satisfaction, zeal and enthusiasm to live, to reflect my happiness in others lives, to ever let any regret to come into my heart for not fulfilling my passion.