My interview experience

My interview:

background- BE ECE

1.why I left TCS 2yrs ago-got screwd a bit bcoz didn’t want to mention abt civils service preparation so had to give a managed answer but probably was not convicing one
2.relation b/w antenna length and wavelength- relation answered but was asking formula-didn’t answer transmission done? -answered
4.what is the work of sateliite-answered
5.if satellite were not there what would have been the problem- answered but not up to the mark the chairman explained me
6.if the reciever moves away from transmitter the frequency will increase decrease or remain same- not answered chairman explained me the universe expanding or is same or contracting-answered frequency range-answered frequency is a type of what wave-answered
10.question regarding visible light and which has highest wavelength -answered
11.beta emission-answered
12.something present in nature does the same thing as satellite-answered

board member1:
13.mass energy relation-answered
14.amu-not answered
15.massless thing-answered
16.neutrino types-not answered
17.the concept of neutrino came up based on which theory-answered big bang theory but the chairman said something else before that can’t answer 
18.what is radioactivity-answered though not properly
19.what else present in nucleus apart from proton and neutron-not answered
20.why is the nucleus stable though so many positive charges present in the form of proton-not answered
21.wat is blue vitriol an d color-answered color and formula but forgot 5h20 told 24h20 then said sir don’t know
22.reaction with ammonia what will happen-answered
23.if excess ammonia added-not answered

board member2-madam
.question on hobbies-online political debating
24.what are current most discussed debate in India today-answered development and secularism
25.what is secularism in terms of india answered
26.what model of development india is following since 66yrs-answered

board member3-madam
27.diff b/w electronics and electrical-answered
28.what allows processing i/p in elctronics devices-answered is IC powered-answered
30.ukraine issue what is russia’s interest-answered
31.formal letters format-salutation and ending-answered

Hope will get average marks..but didn’t understand what that science guy was upto…he was asking such questions which probably I have never studied during my high school days too

(This article has been written by a PaGaLGuY user and largely unedited to keep the flavour intact)