My Internship with a Leading E-Commerce- Charuvi

Hi, this is Charuvi.

I am currently in FMG 25 Batch of FORE School of Management.

I pursued Mathematics (Hons.) from Kirorimal College, Delhi University. After graduating in 2014, I started working at Genpact, under back operations in BFSI category.

Around this time I started my YouTube channel where I reviewed products to help people to learn more about them: new products in the market, new subscription services, and so on. From there my journey began. Slowly I became keen on understanding more about advertising, branding, and marketing. Since at that time I was working in operations, I was interested to learn how shopping sites functioned and how retail management worked. That was why I wanted to pursue MBA. Currently I am specializing in marketing and operations.

I got the wonderful opportunity to work with a leading start-up like My experience in operations helped. Here I got to know about the other side of e-commerce industry. As a shopper you have one perspective on things. Working with an e-commerce company opened my eyes to the hard work put in to provide services to customers. A great learning experience for me!