My Internship in Market Research – Gaurav Sethi

Hi, I am Gaurav Sethi.

I did Computer Science Engineering from IP University, Delhi. Then I got an opportunity to work with Infosys for two years. My role majorly involved talking to clients. I was handling the migration project for a leading brand in America.

I chose to pursue sales and marketing before joining FORE because I was pretty good at talking to people and convincing clients.

After coming here, I got an opportunity to intern with a leading company like Asian Paints. Over there I learnt to talk to people, as many people as I could.

My project involved market research. I just had two months to gather as much information as I could to make sense of my project. So I reached out to sales and admin officers, my manager, stakeholders like contractors and dealers, and a number of customers.

The major goal was to filter out that information because all of it was not making sense to my project. That was one important thing I learned: how to talk to people and seek out information that is necessary. Another thing I learnt over there was how to be on-the-go.

I would look forward to work with them in future.