MY first B-School essay

Well, having written my first essay on “Why I had decided to choose MBA and how it benefits me” for a B-school had left me satisfied and content.It is not because i have dealt with it and completed it,but because such a simple question had left me pondering about the anecdotes from my life which had been influencing me from a long time but never came to surface. That simple question had put me to some serious introspection for 2 days so that i can lucidly put together the bits which veered me towards my decision. This process has shown me that i wanted to do my mba not because i hate my banal job,not that i didn’t have any other higher study options to pursue or to run the common rat race being run every year and prove that i am the rat that won this year, but because deep down i wanted to develop a business on my own,face the challenges and one day prove that i have done it. This simple question has confronted me to the face and proved that my goal is not an mba from a A rated,B rated or a C rated b-school,but to be an entrepreneur be it with an MBA degree or not,and MBA has only a small role to play in the larger picture. So,friends follow your heart, and today i know what my heart wants.

Don’t follow a trend. Follow your heart.- krist Novoselic