My first article online

This is my first ever article online. Although, I write but till date it was confined to me only. To an extent, I don’t care what people think about me but while typing it on web, I feared because it was going to be public (I am not a gregarious person).This fear had put me on a sticky wicket. My contemplation was supported by my courageous attitude.

Initially, when I heard the name of a site like quoted by a knowledgeable teacher in a coaching class of mba, the first thought that came to my mind was “ Is he serious ? Does he think of us as jerks ?” I rested my soul by ignoring it. After attending the class , I went home in full spirits and narrated the whole story in a satirical manner . I didn’t know then that i will myself become a laughing stock amongst my two friends . mere to totte hi udd gaye the !

I finally decided to put my views online . I started typing in PG . Suddenly, I felt as if the words just got lost . I felt as if I was writing my first essay! So I stopped writing and read a few articles , I felt as if I just can’t do it. I closed the pagalguy community and took a rough register . I again started writing whatever came to my mind .The whole process of writing an article of just 297 words took 5 days and I wasted almost 4 pages cutting , enhancing the language , improving the sequence. Honestly ,I don’t know how good I have done in CAT but I finally realised the importance of para completion , para jumbles , critical reasoning and most importantly ” The verbal reasoning section in various competitive exams “.

CAT zindabad!