My Experience at MYRA School of Business – Sagar Adwani

Sagar Adwani

PGDM 2nd year

MYRA School of Business

Almost a year and a half have passed. That’s how long it has
been since I landed at one of the famous tourist places in India, Mysore, to
pursue my MBA at the MYRA School of Business. Before joining MYRA, I was
confused as to which college I should pursue my MBA from. I needed a place
where I could enhance my skills and gain proper knowledge.

When I went through the MYRA website, I was a little scared and
interested at the same time as it was mentioned that we would be the first
batch. They also displayed their excellent faculty list and their contacts. In
India, students and parents always judge a college by their placement record.
As MYRA was new and had no past placement history, but they reassured us that
they would bring top companies to campus. This impressed me a lot and finally I
took the decision and here I am at MYRA.

When I saw MYRA for the first time, I fell in love with the
place. I have never seen such lovely infrastructure in my life. If I talk about
the weather, environment and want to describe them in one word, I will say
awesome. At MYRA students of my batch were from 13 different states, different
cultures, different languages and each of them had talent and had experiences
in different field. It seems so interesting that half of India was together in one

Another good thing was that MYRA had come up with a new
educational model called Immersion model. In this Model, faculty with a great
profile, come from different countries for 15 days and finish their courses and
conduct final exams and give grades. It seemed so interesting that we study one
subject deeply for 15 days and give exams and get grades at the same time. This
model gave us proper knowledge for one subject in 15 days and then we would
continue to the next subject.

Wow!! What an Environment the faculty used to create at the time
of teaching. It was mind blowing. They shared examples which we have never
heard of and also discussed subject related cases with us which were from
Harvard University.

 As we were the founding
batch, there were not any club activities, but we have taken initiatives to
start different clubs and we were successful in starting 8 clubs at MYRA School
of Business, like Marketing Finance, Arts and Culture (KALATMIKA), Social
(Sahaya), Quiz, Sports Etc. Being a part of these clubs, we have conducted so
many events like quiz competition, Cricket tournament (MYRA Premier League),
Organized Garba night and Ganesh ‘Chathurthi’ festival and

I can say that MYRA School
of Business will be one of the top most colleges in the coming few years. This
college is going to build its legacy and we are the roots of this college.
After all we are first batch of MYRA.

Sagar Adwani

PGDM 2nd

MYRA School
of Business