My experience at Crescent School of Business (CSB)

You have come to the right place if you are looking to pursue PGDM programme at CSB. Crescent School of Business offers two years of the full-time programme with world-class faculties and provides a good study environment for the students with great infrastructure. They also provide customizable specialization according to the student’s preference.

Here goes my experience with Crescent School of Business.

When I entered into this B-School, I had no idea what it’s going to be. Like, how the programme will be? Who will assist me if I have any queries? I had end numbers of questions in my mind. Thankfully CSB has friendly staffs who are always there for the students who are like family to me now. CSB wants students to excel in every area, they take students to every event happening in and around Chennai conducted by MADRAS MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, which enhances your skills, develop your business knowledge and students also get great opportunity to meet business leaders in the events organized by MMA.

When it comes to the faculties, CSB gives its best to the students, students are also allowed to give feedback about the faculties teaching methods, how they interact with the students etc.

CSB paves the way to the students to interact with CEO’s, Vice President and other Business professionals to know the current business situations and how the work is carried out in their organization to achieve the goals drawn. Students can also ask questions to them and make the session interactive and more interesting.

To enhance their skills and to develop business ideas, students have created a club named “CRESMA”. Here everyone can come up with their ideas and showcase their talents among each other. Different activities are conducted such as debate on current affairs, games based on business, talks on business leaders etc.

During the classroom sessions, students are taught on solving real-time case studies through live talks with HR professionals through Skype. These talks help us to make some strategic decisions as we are given tasks to prepare our own business plan to understand the concepts of every department, and at the end, our doubts are discussed amongst the class as a group or as an individual.

Every day is a new learning experience at CSB. I am sure that I would use this golden opportunity and turn out to be an efficient business professional. 


Batch 2019-2021