My Dream My Pain My Gain

I`m sure everybody over here have an experience to share when asked about Exam results .Yeah results…… That second where we hope at least one of our prayers if not all would be answered.We have always had our fair share of fears and hopes after giving our exams. Right from my 12 standard I used to get flustered after getting to know my results .The same cycle of guilt ,shame ,remorse engulfs me .Even though after each passing exam this feeling has somewhat reduced I am still unable to I pull myself out of this sink hole.After each exam I feel I could have a bit better .Now which brings me to my main topic I have always wondered how do people set goals and toil hard for months altogether in pursuit of that goal not knowing when are they going to achieve it .In those months of hard work I`m sure they would have had their fair share of doubts . Where they begin to doubt whether this this dream is ever achievable .I`m sure for anyone who dared to dream big and did achieve that dream would have been at such cross roads .