My CAT story II

With barely 2 months for cat remaining and my Infosys training regime not going well , I was at crossroads. To chase CAT where the mocks were mocking me or give up and concentrate on my job which wasn’t going smoothly as well. Those in the IT industry would buy how tough it gets at Infosys during training.

I talked to my parents very often, they were very supportive of me.When a father says, “koi baat nhi beta wahan se agar nikaal bhi diye to kya hoga,hum hain na,” trust me friends, the confidence goes soaring. I went about finishing my left over syllabus, I had marked a few topics like p and c and probability for the last in which I did not have great command.

In the last 45 days I gave a lot of tests and spent greater time in analyzing them. The analysis was very handful in knowing my weaknesses and strengths. The schedule was very hectic. Juggling between training and studies was a big thing. Time was at premium.I used to mark all the doubts in all the subjects and go to my coaching centre at Mysore and get all my doubts clarified at once. I was not meeting many of my friends but the situation demanded of me to be a recluse.I would sleep at 11 and wake up at 3 for last 30 days. The big bang theory was my only source of entertainment. Thank you Star World ! 10 days before the examination, I was confident having completed my syllabus and after having enough practice. I would try doing sums mentally and find answers. Solving various kind of puzzles became fun for me, I would read anything that came my way and often go to read at the library.

The D day came , and I won’t be lying but I was nervous as hell. It was tough calming myself. But I knew I had done enough hard work and if the paper comes anywhere close to my expectations, I would excel. And I did.

The result was better than I expected. Wasn’t good enough to garner ABC calls but good enough to give a secured sense of feeling that this was the last time I m giving CAT.

This is my CAT story. I did not write this to inspire anybody. But to tell everybody that belling CAT is in your own hands. Determination to do well was the thing in me.You must have found your own.

Now before the teacher grows more suspicious as to what I m typing so vigorously, I must end it here (yes, I am writing this during a lecture).

Gagan Deep

NITIE Mumbai

Management Batch of 2012-14