My Beloved’s MBA Plans

Fiction books make you feel a surreal existence of the characters and the secret desire to be like them inculcates. However, there are some books that transcend the traditional boundaries of the realms of such genre? One such book is “My Beloved’s MBA Plans”.

It is highly likely that a reader at his/her first glance at the title may miss out the “ ‘s” after “Beloved” and it may seem like another run-of-the-mill publication that caters to the million-dollar MBA dream of the middle-class Indian students –.Let me clarify, this book is not the same. Watch for “ ‘s”. Although, it depicts the MBA life in some subtle ways, it cannot be considered of the same ilk as other MBA books since its primary objective is not to tell you about –

– Whether to do an MBA?

– How to get into an MBA program?

– What to do while you are in a B-School?

– What not to do @ IIM or One night at IIM or about some points or grades?

It doesn’t answer any of these questions However, in some instances; you may find it helpful to answer the first question. Nonetheless, my point is that the book is one of its kinds.

R: What the heck?

R: I get that the book is different. So what?

A: Man, these days it is all about of blue-ocean strategy, standing out of the crowd, being different, etc.

Oops! Sorry, these are MBA jargons.

The good part is that you won’t encounter any such jargons in the book. It is lucid, simple, and written for people like us.

R: Wait! Wait! Wait! You have told me so many things, but I want to know one simple thing – what is this book about?

A: For that you have to read the book.

R: I will, but at least give me some hints.

A: Ok! Fine

There is a different species of MBA graduates who have started coming up in the market these days – the 1yr-MBA grads. These are people with certain years of managerial experience and with one-year full time MBA from the likes of IIMs, XLRIs and ISBs. As these courses have more of senior executives, many of the students in these courses are married. This book captures the story of the journeys of those students, the dilemmas they face in the pursuit of MBA and the hardships their spouse and family face as they get MBA’ed. The book perfectly captures those intricate emotions involved right from the initial decision making to the completion of the course and at times even beyond. Written in an interview style, it doesn’t include unnecessary rumblings (read “gyaan”) by the author, and hence engages the reader throughout.

For all those (especially the married ones) who are in the midst of that million-dollar decision – whether or not to do an MBA? – You cannot afford to miss this one.

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