Music – My Time Machine

First, I’m rushing with my assignments and semester exams. Then, I’m taking on CAT for the first time ever. Next, I’m faced with a reject from a good college. In the next 3 minutes, I’m facing another MBA entrance. Finally, I’m driving on the highway, along a sunny road, dressed in casuals with a pair of blue sunglasses, to one of India’s finest MBA colleges. And all this on my bed.

Yes, this is the 3-D effect of bedtime raaga. I can be at any place, feel any emotion, enjoy any moment on my bed. All I need to do is plug in my earphones and turn on the playlist. All the memories are flushed out together and mixed with imagination of the future, churning out a picturesque feeling. The more positive the picture, the better it gets. That’s how music refreshes me and prepares me to battle it out the next day.

For me, music has always been a food for thought. It has been a stress-buster in true sense. But most of all, it helps me to relive those memories that may never return in my life. Many songs take me back in time to that period when life was unexpectedly occurring without any trace of a proper idea. That excitement of college after watching 3 idiots still lives with me as ‘All is well.’ I vividly remember how we stayed during the last year in the hostel, trying to cram all theories like Chatur and then lighting agarbattis before and after the exams.

A couple of songs are connected with the era after graduation. The time when I first took on CAT seriously, Ranbir was Anjaana to Priyanka and she was Anjaani to him. Later when I travelled to take FMS, Emraan was wooing Neha Sharma with “Kya” in Crook, while Salman was busy marrying Sonakshi and threatening the band to hit them between 2 legs along with drilling chheds into Chhedi Singh. Then I was lost in finding some career path for myself but SRK came to my rescue with Chammak Challo. When I listen to these songs today, I feel as if the same moments of life are before me.

Since 2012, life has changed its track. With the onset of Balam Pichkari, Dilliwali Girlfriend and Tum Hi ho, enjoyment has become much more dynamic and party-like. Adding to the groove are Besharam and Boss, the latest ‘Revital’ for my daily dose of BD -bedtime dhinkchika. This year, before my CAT, I watched ‘Boss‘ for free in the private bus. Now, whenever I drive on the highway and party in my favourite B-School, with those casuals and sunglasses, Akshay and Ranbir join the party. Surely, you also must have experienced the same animated effect of music. So the next time you listen to a song, save your life’s moments in that musical drive and replay it whenever you want.