Muddled generation.Really?

They say muddled generation we are;then what KAURAVAS and PANDAVAS in MAHABHARATA were?”People say we are muddled generation;we do not have striking views or thoughts but I would like them to hold my hand and come with me to the “TIME MACHINE” so that we could go back to the era of 650 B.C;the era where KAURAVAS and PANDAVAS were unsure of their own actions and deeds. We are often rejected by people because we are not able to expropriate resources from ourselves efficiently.But were Kauravas able to do the same?Lord Krishna was there with Arjuna always ,even when he was on his battlefield.We are always left alone at the time of our examinations.For instance,we are not allowed to carry our soul-mate(mobile phones) with us.I am not supporting the usage of cell phones in examination halls but I am against the mark which we are imposed on,i.e “muddled generation”.Arjuna told Krishna that “I do not want to kill people.This victory will be a defeat for me if I do the same.” But still he killed people for the throne.He is a staunchest nominator in the award function of “muddled generation’.In today’s growing corporate world, “we” run on the path to gain money but I would say Arjuna did the same .He went to an extent to kill his family members to get the throne back.He was muddled in his own thoughts and his mind’s string was strongly in charge of Lord Krishna.He was not even master of his own thoughts.Before blaming us,please have a glance at the growing so called modern “education system”.We do not possess our education system;we continuously follow the westernization path of education.If we ask a small child who is the greatest scientist?The first name which comes forward is -Albert Einstein.I am very sure he/she might not even think before answering this because we are conditioned in that manner to answer.I am not raising a question on any scientist but my wholesome point is that we do not recognize our own scientists.Every single achievement of Indians is behind an iron-curtain.We have to take a stand and come forward to erase this mark of “:muddled generation” from us.If you have to blame then blame the education system through which are grown and nurtured.”Seeds bloom into flowers only when we nurture it with sunlight,water and care” If a single component misses out then there is a drawback so If we want “us” or our “future generation” to bloom into flowers then we need to have a fish-look at the current education system and pluck out smallest mistakes from it.Now I leave the field for you to ask yourself several questions;Do you really belong to the league of “muddled generation”? What can we do to take that mark out?Are we the only one who possess a large amount of “muddled generation”?