Mr. Sathya Murthy on “Emerging Trends in Logistics” at ITM, Navi Mumbai

Mr. Sathya Murthy, who was the speaker for the lecture on 13th December, 2016 has a wide range of experience of more than 25 years, ranging from Industrial automation to office automation & has worked under MNC’s like Emerson, Xerox, Schieder etc. He was headed as Business Head as well as National product manager in these MNC’s.

The Major Focus of this lecture was on the mega-trends in Logistics Industry, mainly

  • Growing Security Awareness
  • New Energy Landscape
  • Digitization in logistics
  • Shift in Economy (towards E-7 Group)
  • Social & Business trends
  • Current changes through IT and Start-ups.
  • Technological Trends including Cloud Logistics, Big Data, 3-D Printing

With insights from his own experience Mr. Murthy gave wonderful insights to what are the future trends and how the changes of tomorrow affect the changes of the future and what we should be preparing for if we want to survive the change.

Report Prepared By: Mausam Mehta, Operations 2016-2018