Mr. Narendra Singh Bhati, Amity Jaipur: MBA- A Shortcut to Make Money- Myth or Reality?

With the growing need of money, fame, success, position, power, achievement etc, the new generation of the country is expecting a lot from the options available to them for their career building and enhancement. Though many career options are available to the youth but the question is which one suits their requirements and lives up to their expectations the most? 

The aspirants for any program or course expect many things from it, i.e. over all grooming, growth, power, self development, position, status etc. but apart from all above mentioned factors, the key factor which attracts the attention of most of the youth is “MONEY”

In the current era of cut throat competition and globalization the focus of the youth has been shifted to make huge money from the other features of their expected workplace like motivation, safety, convenience, satisfaction, appreciation, appraisal and power as mentioned above. The new generation is rushing towards making more, more and more money by choosing the career option which could give them the best opportunity to make huge money at any cost.

Moving towards the next phase to turn these expectations into reality, a big question arises that what are the career options an aspirant of any program is willing to look for to achieve the expected vision of making huge money & how? The answer of the above question is obvious i.e. management studies. In the global market the only aim of the companies is to make profitable business and that cannot be achieved by a simple graduate or by an engineer, for that company starts searching for the person who is well enough to manage the people and yes this defines the word “management”. The current scenario depicts that lots of students are moving towards the field of management to get handsome salary. Based on survey and studies globally, most professionals that have MBA diploma earned double than their previous income. As a result new generation is running in a race of MBA to make big money. This might be a shortcut for them to be richer and it’s not bad idea as every individual in this era wants to get name and fame by hook or by crook. Since the knowledge of management has become an essential part of the growth and development of any organization and of an individual as well in the current era, there is an ample need for the management graduates to turn the dreams of any organization in to reality. It would not be wrong if we state that the need for the MBA professionals has risen over the years as a result of globalization, economic and industrial development in the country which has increased the demand of management graduates which leads them to rush towards the management programs like MBA to meet the demand in the current era and to satisfy their own need of earning huge money. Now again a question arises that, is being MBA the only thing which is required for achieving an individual’s goal of earning huge money or there are some others too. 

There is an old saying that “you can only take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink it” taking the mentioned saying in to consideration, an MBA degree can only help you learning the role of management in decision making, learning managerial skills to perform the duties assigned, providing an environment for learning, getting a good job etc. but the real story begins after this only. Which means that after getting a platform it is up to an individual that whether he or she performs as per the requirements and lives up to the expectations of the organization or not. Here the real learning of management is required to be applied and the role of management studies starts which could either take you to the top or remain at the same place. Now at this stage can we still think that a degree of MBA is the only thing required to be successful and to make huge money. It is a myth rather a reality, The summary of the article depicts that though it is required to have a knowledge and a degree in the field of management in the present era to make your dreams of making huge money in to reality, but along with it the aspirants of MBA must also know and learn that how to apply each theories of management in the real life situations in any organization to take the managerial decisions which contributes towards the success of the organization and an individual’s as well. They must also develop the skills required to perform the duties to achieve an individual’s and an organization’s objective. 

Quality Mantra in Management Education is not about ISO Certification or Accreditation but it is all about how the Management Graduates find good jobs to meet the needs of the fast growing industries and the economy and prove to be better managers then others using the skills learnt by them to achieve the ultimate goal of making huge money.

Mr. Narendra Singh Bhati

 Amity Business School,

Amity University Rajasthan