misconceptions of sales

marketing and sales are two facets of same coin you cant ignore one while choosing other as your career. the biggest irony is that people love marketing but hate sales it is like u love eating cream but hate bread of cake but remember its the cream that gives support and base to the cake of marketing. sales not only help a marketer to understand the market type and base but also it helps analyse the consumers’ needs, wants and desires.

cold calling is bad and time waste:

people think that cold calling is not a viable strategy for startup.but if you use a viable strategy and do some homework beforehand ypu will hit target in cold calling itself.extract some information about the very company you can tailor you pitch accordingly in an intelligent way.this not only increases you conversion rate but also builds confidence in you.it demarcates you from an average sales person.

sales is not always door knocking activity

many people think that in sales they have to just go door to door and sell fmcgs but friends its always not that. people have always grown in sales, i think sales is best job if you want to test you potential at each step and love challenges.

sales people have short term jobs:

it always in the mind of people that sales people have short term job and that their job depends upon target completion. its not like that your job in this field depends upon how you work keenly and how much you are dedicated towards it.if you work with full enthusiasm every time targets are bound to hit and you will get high paced career growth.

remember sales is the only field where you can experience high career growth in a short span of time an the results of your performance are seen very soon.

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