Tomorrow’s business leaders
looking to further enrich their knowledge and career prospects have many
options when it comes to choosing between academic programs. So how do they
make this very important decision – one with the power and potential to shape
the rest of their professional lives?

We’re delighted to have PGPB Class
of 2014 alumnus, Manish Pathak, share his story with us, including what first
drew him to MISB, as well as how the programme continues to help him strive
toward his investment banking goals.

The Path to MISB

A passion for finance led Manish to
consider business school, but MISB Bocconi’s eminent faculty, research-based
ethos, and innovative curriculum drew him to the PGPB. And while he fondly
recalls his time in Mumbai, his most memorable MISB experience actually took
place thousands of miles away.

As Manish’s first international
experience, the four-month semester at Milan’s prestigious Universita Bocconi
enriched both his personal and professional growth and development. With 35
electives in Manish’s Finance major alone (and more than 200 overall), the
Milan semester offered him the unprecedented opportunity to study real-world,
multi-billion dollar business deals under the guidance of faculty members who
had been directly involved with the transactions.

Factor in the dynamic dialogue
happening among the programme’s diverse student body, and it’s no surprise that
Manish speaks so highly of his time in the programme.

From MISB to the Workforce

Currently working in Hong Kong at
Generali Investments, Asia as part of a portfolio management team looking after
an investment of US$ 800 million, Manish is responsible for investments in both
government bonds and corporate credits across Asia. He credits the balanced
PGPB programme with helping him learn the art of management, including for
business, money and time – fundamental skills which transferred to the

Manish also speaks of the healthy
team spirit and work/life balance at Generali Investments, Asia. These are
things that we take very seriously at MISB as well.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Manish keeps up with his PGPB
classmates via phone and Facebook, and also looks forward to catching up with
them at alumni mixers across the country. In fact, in addition to understanding
the industry and its expectations, Manish cites maintaining these connections –
as well as embracing new networking opportunities within the industry – as a
critical part of creating new business opportunities.

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