Management Guest Interface Series is BIBS’ way of helping students link the theories they learn in classrooms with their applications. Building a strong corporate interface is the endeavor at BIBS thus the MGIS become its reflection. Regular MGIS opens up students to the world they are about to enter, and the fear of having to face an un known ambience of which they have read in books and heard through lectures is mitigated.

Students get to listen to stalwarts, put forth their queries, and dispel doubts with these face to face interaction. The regular MGIS held at BIBS told them what it takes to sustain and establish a stable career in the highly competitive corporate world. The interface on 20th July 2013 gave them the key to success which is ‘to follow their passion; failures will abound but not surrendering to failures is the key to success.” Also ‘what others consider weakness in you might turn out to be your strength.’ Mr. Arnab Sarkar (Astt. VP, Kotak Securities) said that culture, loyalty, agreement of trust and understanding the organization have been his highlights which has adhered him to the Organization for the last ten years. Yes People do go job hopping that’s when they are no more excited about the present job for it has nothing new to offer. So changing jobs is good as long as the change is directed towards an upward growth.

A fear that is normal is getting sacked. Mr. Yadav (MD Genius Consultant) said that it is not a normal practice to sack employees. All efforts are made to retain him/her. Time is spent with them to see what or where he/she might have gone wrong. If the element is really bad then he/she has to be rid off. You cannot contaminate the organization. Mr. Maheshwari emphasized on the need to ‘think globally, but act locally’ as he cited the instance of the failure of format stores in Thailand. Projects and assignments help to understand corporate dynamics. A good team leader is the one who performs and can build a good team. A tribute to womanhood wherein five dynamic woman achievers participated had en-spirited even the aspiring male MBAs. Honesty and diligence and the spirit with which they moved have brought them to the places where they now are. Fame and money are not the factors to be pursued. Once their hard work and honesty is rewarded fame and the rest follow.

Half the fear and misgivings are lot with the proximity and the open questionnaire session, and the other half is ameliorated by the response and assurance they receive from these sessions. With this fortification students are empowered and gain an edge over their contemporaries and competitors. And this is what makes them winners and the purpose of the MGIS is served.

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