MET Mumbai – Key Celebrity Alumni Testimonials

“I had the most memorable time studying at MET. The faculty was most helpful and guided me at every step in honing my core competencies. I thank all those who guided me for the wonderful experience”

– Tarun Katial, CEO | Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd

“My MBA degree helps in understanding the professional management approach in Bollywood. It helps me understand the strengths of ‘John Abraham’ – the brand and maximise my earnings. The MBA degree has given me a sense of worldly wisdom and empowers me to utilise my resources to the fullest.”

– John Abraham | International Celebrity

“The brilliant faculty & their passion to business motivated me to think ‘out of the box’. People at MET are a group of intellectual, outgoing, bright people who enjoy spending time together. It was a great source of inspiration & team work. My learning curve at MET was steeper than expected.”

– Gautam Gulati, COO | KIAH Lifestyle

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