From saving time in solving numerical problems in physics, chemistry or math, to developing concentration and memory, Mental Mathematics has come up as a new ray of hope for competitive exam aspirants across various fields like Engineering, Medical, CA, Law, MBA, Civil Services, etc.

Mental Math programmes offer aspirants the advantage of high speed and accuracy in solving mathematical problems, which is crucial when reducing time taken to solve complex problems in an exam. Akhilesh Jain, of Trendz Abacus, a Mental Math academy in Kota, explained that Mental Math not only saves valuable time during competitive exams, but also boosts the confidence levels of the students to excel in such exams.

Mental Math helps students in calculations related to the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimal numbers. These operations then become a matter of seconds for those who master this way of learning. Questions like 6.45 x 2.34, 2.456 + 3.3536, 6.023 x 12 etc. can be solved easily without resolving to pen and paper.

Himanshu Sharma, who holds two national records in Mental Math, studies in a coaching institute in Kota. He is able to solve numerical problems by the time the teachers finish writing them on the board. The joke is on him when lecturers instruct him not to reply and let other students try through normal routes.

Atisha Jain, who holds three national records, and is listed in the Limca book of Records, is studying architecture at Anand, Gujarat. She testifies how she earned an edge in her entrance exams and boosted her logical skills through Mental Math. It has also sharpened her visual skills as the techniques are helpful in designing and drawing as well.

MVH Kishan, of Seeds Institute, another academy that teaches these programmes in Kota, explained that Mental Math can also play the role of active meditation for the students, helping them improve focus and concentration, thus enhancing their performance levels. “Abacus Learning is surely a solution for today’s competitive age,” he said.

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