Me in CAT 2013


1) OA:98.8; Quant:97.7; Verbal:97.1

2) X:90.6; XII:82.67

3) Engineering:69.8


1) NO calls from A,B,C,L,K,I.

2) Wasted 3 years running behind this CAT.(Normalization baba was very angry on my previous attempts).

3) Wasted about 1 Lac Rupees in these 3 years(That includes the drink party given to friends thinking that I will get call).


1) Born GENERAL and that too MALE.

2) Done Engineering (that too from Pune University where university topper gets around 78)

3) Biggest regret is that I do not how to improve in above three ( Feeling HELPLESS; Suggestions are welcome).

Lesson Learnt:

1) Give GMAT and stop running behind this CAT.

Suggestions for future aspirants:

1) Give CAT at your own RISK. Think twice. ( Because of Normalization baba and the awesome process by which old IIMs select aspirants).

2) If you have decided to give CAT make sure to get minimum 99.75 OA.

3) The last suggestion to all GEM people: Please read my suggestions again.

P.S.- I never wanted to hurt anybody’s feelings and I am sorry if I did so. I was tired and just needed a platform to vent my frustation.