MDI Gurgaon placements 2011: Finance and Consulting cos recruit the most

(Photo credit: Jayant Bahel)

Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon completed the placement process for its 2009-2011 batch of 316 students across its Post-Graduate Programmes in General Management, Human Resources and International Management. According to the official placement report, 110 companies participated in the process of which 43 were first-time recruiters. The highest salary offered was Rs 21 lakhs with the average being Rs 13.28 lakhs across all the programmes.

Total Number of Students


Post Graduate program In Management (PGPM)


Post Graduate Program in HR (PGP-HR)


Post Graduate ProgramInternational Managment (PGP-IM)


Students opting out


Post Graduate program In Management (PGPM)


Post Graduate Program in International Management (PGP-IM)


Number of Companies Participating


Lateral Offers Accepted


Post Graduate program In Management (PGPM)


Post Graduate Program in HR (PGP-HR)


Post Graduate ProgramInternational Managment (PGP-IM)


Pre Placement Offers (PPOs)


Post Graduate program In Management (PGPM)




PGPM Placements

Going by the placement report, most students secured Marketing jobs, followed by Finance and Consulting for the 2009-2011 PGPM batch. The highest salary of the placement process, was 21 lakhs offered by an Asian multinational bank. The median salary for Rs 12.04 lakhs.


Number Of Students placed

Average Salary (In Rs)



12.8 Lakhs



14 Lakhs



15.5 Lakhs



11.3 Lakhs



11 Lakhs


FMCG companies such as Proctor and Gamble (P&G;), food and beverages companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola were major recruiters. Telecom companies like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone and banks such as Axis bank and ICICI also recruited students for marketing profiles. Other recruiters for marketing included ITC, Castrol and Videocon.


The financial sector saw participation of commercial banks, investment banks and financial services companies. 71 students managed finance jobs this year with the highest salary offered for a financial role being Rs 21 lakhs.

Investment banking majors like Goldman Sachs, Nomura, JP Morgan Chase recruited students from MDI. Financial services companies like Religare, SBI capital, American Express, etc offered jobs to the students. International and Indian banks like Citi, Standard Chartred, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank also offered financial profiles to students.


Among the 46 students recruited for consulting roles, 30 were offered IT Consulting profiles while 16 were given business consulting roles. The average salary for the consulting sector was Rs 15.5 lakhs.

Consulting majors like Deloitte, Hewitt, Mercer and Ernst & Young recruited students from MDI for business consulting roles. IT majors Cognizant, TCS, Infosys, Accenture and HCL were major recruiters for IT Consulting roles.

PGP-HR Placements

Financial services companies were the highest PGP-HR recruiters with 10 students being hired for HR roles. Conglomerates, Manufacturing, Consulting and Pharmaceutical companies also recruited students for HR positions. The median salary was Rs 11.5 lakhs.

Major recruiters for the PGP-HR students were consulting firms like Aon-Hewitt, Mercer Consulting and Ernst & Young. The Tata Sons conglomerate, financial services firms like Franklin Templeton and ICICI also recruited for HR roles. Other major organizations like Procter and Gamble, Schneider Electric, ITC, Bharti Airtel also offered HR related profiles.

PGP-IM Placements

MDI’s PGP IM program saw recruiters like Aspiring Minds, Avalon Consulting, Biocon, Deloitte and RPG. The highest salary offered was Rs 15.60 lakhs with the average salary being Rs 12.90 lakhs and median salary being Rs 11.03 lakhs.

Students who opted-out of MDI placements

11 students opted out of the placement process, of which 5 were from the PGPM program and 6 were from the PGP-IM program. Of the 5 students from the PGPM program, a couple of students joined their family business while one is starting his own BPO/KPO hybrid enterprise under mentorship of the school’s entrepreneurship cell, claims MDI.

The students who opted out of the PGP-IM program are interning in companies abroad. According to a MDI Placement commitee member, these students typically undergo long internships abroad, ranging from 18-20 months. After this, they are usually absorbed by the same companies and hence do not appear for the institute’s placements.