The convention also facilitates various participants from Commerce & Industry to share their views on the current economic scenario & the role of a Business Analyst. The event would have speakers airing their views on Indian Economy: Current Trend in a Global perspective; Resolution to price puzzle; Rethinking Marketing Strategies; Business Analytics: A Practioneras view; Redefining Risk Management Strategies etc. The session would include participants from institutions like Ministry of Finance, IMF, SEBI sharing the dais with speakers from Private Players like IBM, Tata Capital Fund, ICICI, Virgin Mobile, ITC, Future Logistics

The two day event would kick off with a discussion on the main theme, with a macro analysis of the turbulence in Indian Economy, speakers would then move to the sub themes doing a micro analysis of Indian economy. There would be an attempt to understand its Financial & Marketing Implication with a discussion on the Price Puzzle in an inflationary economy & a basic need to rethink the basic validity of marketing strategies. On Day two there would be a focus on understanding & working on the competency of MBEas the Business Analysts Workshopsa with a seminar on Redefinition of Risk Management Strategies. The event would also witness the release of the annual issue of aThe Business Economista.

Last year the theme of Annual convention was aIndiaas growth trajectory: Momentum from servicesa and the session was inaugurated by Mr M Damodaran, former Chairman of SEBI.

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