MBA post work experience

It was a tough decision to do an MBA after having over 2 years of work experience. Two things came into my mind, will I be able to study after such a long time and secondly I have to again be dependent on my parents (financially). But being a graduate doesn’t help you to grow especially in such a competitive environment. But I knew that once my MBA gets completed I will grow at a faster pace compared to being a graduate. After a huge round of thoughts and talks, I finally decided to do an MBA.

After clearing the IBSAT exam, I made a decision to get into IBS Bangalore. Lectures started and knowledge was flowing from all the directions (thanks to such a wonderful faculty and colleagues). To my surprise, by using only my work experience and knowledge gained from lecturers I was able to score 8/10 GPA in my first semester. Second Semester looks to have also gone the same way (expecting better results than the earlier). I would like to suggest all those people having work experience not to hesitate in joining a business school. You will definitely get better grades and would also add as an advantage during placements. Moreover, it also gives you a platform to develop yourself (this is the place where mistakes are accepted) and re-enter into the corporate world with a better understanding and attitude. Good luck!!!!!!!

This article was originally posted in IBS India Blog by Ashish Kabra ( Class of 2013, IBS Bangalore)

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