To be eligible to pursue MBA in a top US Business School, you must possess the following:

1. 16 years (12+4) of formal education. This means that only a 3 years bachelor’s degree is not sufficient for admission to MBA in US. You need to supplement it with another academic program (at least of one-year duration).

2. A good GMAT score

3. A good TOEFL score

4. Two to three years of relevant work experience

As the above-mentioned are the qualifying criteria, you must remember that every applicant will be meeting those. In such a scenario, how can you make your application stand-out? Application essays are the most effective means of conveying the message ‘I am different and deserving’ to the admission committee.

You must ensure that they reflect your life skills along with academic and extra-curricular achievements. This is the part of the application that differentiates ‘you’ from a pool of applicants. The essays should be clear, concise and impactful. To have the message conveyed in the most appropriate way, it is advisable to take help of experienced Editors who specialize in this area. This can not only relieve you of the tension, but also help you make the right impact on the admissions committee. However, don’t adopt a placid attitude. Play an active role in the process to have essays that uniquely portray ‘YOU’. Overall, your application must portray you as an individual with clear goals, and the commitment and endurance to achieve the same. All the best!