MBA in Business Analytics

The MBA in Business Analytics at Galgotias University’s School of Business is a full time Program designed, developed and delivered in association with IBM. The initiative brings together the latest software applications, real-world industry experiences, hands on lab course, best practices and case studies all into a single unique education program. This program initiated under IBM CEBT (Career Education for Business Transformations) Program focuses on areas which can be categorized as the most important areas in modern studies of management which addresses managerial decision making and strategy.

Program Mission Statement

The MBA in Business Analytics full time Program delivers management education with an added emphasis on Business Analytics. Graduates of this program will have competencies in applying various analytical techniques to provide business insights and support decision making across all functional areas in an organization. Seven learning goals for the program focus on the graduates developing self and contextual awareness, communication and negotiation skills, business knowledge, analytical thinking, leadership and teamwork and entrepreneurial thinking.

Aspiring to be among the top business schools in India and South Asia, the Galgotias University School of Business delivers world-class business education.

Here’s why the GU School of Business should be your top choice for the MBA programme:

1. Learn from world-class faculty at Galgotias University who are graduates of some of the reputed institutions in the world like Brown University, University of Connecticut, University of California, Clark University, University of Memphis, University of Cincinnati, and more…

2. A first in South Asia – MBA program in Business Analytics in partnership with IBM

3. IBM Business Analytics Lab on campus

4. A cutting edge curriculum co-developed with industry input

5. A unique co-curricular program that delivers exceptional experiential learning

6. Opportunities for study abroad at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

7. Summer internship opportunities in all verticals

8. High industry demand for our graduates leading to excellent placement

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