Magic Wardrobe-3

All I remember next was a blackout. When I regained my senses, I found myself lying in a dark-packed container dancing to and fro.I could feel my body swelling up and eardrums rupturing. I huffed to get a bit of air but then there was not a single hole to let the air in. It was certain that I will die out o the cold and twitching insects into my body. My strength gave up twisting and turning all around to break through. I sensed that the oxygen could not mix with my blood anymore. I was supposed to have been dumped deep within.
All of a sudden, a tiny dot peeped in and water broke in fiercely. I gasped to fill my nostrils. I started banging my legs and hands all around for nothing.

The blood was now reaching my brain without the oxygen. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I stopped opposing and left my body free. The end seemed only a few seconds away. My eyes stopped blinking with the last picture of Ayaan in mind.It was then i woke up all panting. My mother was still shaking me to make sure i am awake. Sweat beads ran down my face and hands. I looked all around to find myself on the same shabby bed and in the same old room. I was breathing short, heavy breaths. The familiarity with the surroundings helped me to calm down. “Again?” My mother panicked.I looked at her in bewilderment. My grey-liquid eyes said it all. It was not new to her. Not for me either. I was accustomed to waking up to her slaps. She called it sleep-paralysis. It was not her mistake. No normal person would believe in my illogical theory relying solely on the instincts and partly on the faded glimpses. Me? Well i am abnormal then. I believe in what i feel. I believe in my nightmares and the vibes that settle in my mind.”Mom i am okay now. You can leave.” I said.”I am tired of hearing your screams and this horror show at sharp 6 am.” She shouted.”I don’t do it on purpose mom. Just don’t argue now.” I answered back.I locked the door as soon as she left. On the contrary to how i should have been mad, i used to be energetic and back to normal within 15 minutes as if nothing happened. But the random flashbacks used to scare the hell out of me. Imagine yourself drowning into the water and feel your death approaching. I bet the goose-bumps will not leave you for hours.
I unlocked my cupboard and took out a square-shaped metal box. I had a tough time convincing mom to be okay with me putting locks. The only thing i wanted to hide was this small piece of junk. No. Its not stupid because the whole idea lies inside it. A big giant key in pieces of all possible shapes.