Magic Wardrobe-1

As I stood, gazing at the dilapidated building. I shivered as though, ice had replaced my spine. The cold air enveloped my entire body. I heard the sound of footsteps coming towards me out of the dark woods that made me although more frightened. A man dressed up strangely like me came running in a rush. He held my hand and said,” We gotta run Sayra.” I guess i knew him. I asked him,” But where are we going?” He struggled out of his deep breaths and said,” Just keep running.” And we ran into the woods opposite to the haunted building as fast as we could. The leaves ruffled beneath the black sky. In the distance i heard a quite scream. And we tried to increase our speed moving away from the ghostly sound which was continuously growing louder. It now seemed only a feet away. I looked back trying to find the source of the noise and i just sensed some big scary thing following us.”Whats wrong?” I asked as we kept running.”There is something after us. Just keep running please.” He answered.The wind began to blow harder, growing more furious. We were about to get out of the woods when suddenly something passed by us in the distance.” What was that?” I panicked.”That’s it,” he said.”That’s the thing that is after us.We have got to run out of here to save our lives. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.” Leaves continued to fall from the trees by the angry winds as we started back to get out of those horrid woods. We were gaining ground as i heard a startling growl. We continued to run out of fear. Then suddenly a huge limb from a nearby tree flew by me, almost knocking me over as it scrubbed my arm. I screamed in fear.”We are almost there,” I said as i huffed to get more air into my lungs. I heard no answer from him. So i turned around to see the revolting monster sinking his teeth into that man’s leg. The wind grew more fierce and took them both off my sight.
“Ayaan..Ayaan.. Leave him you monster.Where are you Ayaan?” I shouted loudly.But there was only the sound of falling leaves and creepy animals all around. The next moment big round drops fell from my eyes and the mud on the surface got wet. I didn’t notice anything until a pond circled me inside and the water touching my knees. As more tears fell down on the surface, the level of water increased. And i rubbed my tears and chanted some words.