Love they say…

‘They say Love happens only once,it touches your soul and never detaches itself from your heart.This eternal love accompanies you every moment,in your successes and your failures.No matter if you are surrounded by intricate elements of your existence or whether you are sitting on a lonely porch beside a placid riverstream , Love always accompanies you.’

‘They say it begins with a coy smile or a humble reply.It is an inception for the journey never to be forgotten.In the mischiefs and caring gestures,love strengthens,reaching deep within yourself,connecting your souls and hearts.

‘They say it is challenged by uncertainties.The bond is tested by the ominous dilemna.The quandary leading you away,from the thing that matters you the most.It takes you far away,weakening and instilling the negative realities around you.Then comes the moment,where your commitment is tested.The moment where If you win,then what you went through in winning, was not in vain.And if you lose it is not only a great loss but also the beginning of the phase of ambiguity and endurance .’