Everything that you see today or experience today is a result of the thoughts, actions, imaginations and a number of words told, untold and imagined by YOU.

There was this girl who attracted my instant attention during my graduation days. She was actually my school mate. I never noticed her when I was at school. She is the one who remembered me and sent a friend request on ORKUT during my first year of graduation. After that, as usual I fell in the trap of LOVE. I was true to myself. Completely aware and wasted my 4 years of ENGINEERING thinking about her. She had asked me to do an MBA. I was reluctant then. Because, I don’t believe in suggestions and all that stuff. I’m the one who believes that a decision that you take in a life should be a result of deep introspection of your skillset, past experiences and of course the future that you wish to see or just keep it simple “A FUTURE THAT YOU SKETCH IN YOUR DREAMS”. I would love to imagine what I always love to see in my life. At that point of time, in my life MBA was just a 3 letter word without much significance. With these kind of thoughts from me, it is obvious that she was unhappy.

And now, we’re busy in our own lives. She is working for a software company. I’m working for a telecom. We’re no more together.

But there are few things I just want to mention here.

From the very first day of my joining, all that I did was dreaming about the MBA and life at IIMs. I joined CAT coaching when I was initially posted at Kolkata and exactly after 2 months I had been transferred to Noida. I had to withdraw from the enrolled coaching institute as there was no branch of this institute at Noida. I had to give up. I joined another institute at Noida. After 3 months I had been transferred again to Mumbai. My FIRST ATTEMPT was a big failure. Now I have joined the coaching again in the month of Feb,2014 hoping to achieve all my dreams with hard work, perseverance and above all LOVE for the LOVE OF MY LIFE.

“When you LOVE someone truly, its actually WORSHIP.

There was never a SINGLE DAY without her in my IMAGINATION.There was never a SINGLE DAY without her in my AMBITION.There was never a SINGLE DAY without her in my CONVERSATION.I just hope to see an entire WORLD of my imagination turning out to a REALITY some day, in the near future.”

Guys, finally I conclude saying that

“It is just the LOVE to do things which drives the people on this planet, not just the thing that fascinates you.”

All the best

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