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This quiz consists of questions from
various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses in the
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Directions 1 to 5: Each of the following
questions contains six statements followed by four

sets of combinations of three. You have to
choose that set in which the third statement logically follows from the first


A. No bird is viviparous.

B. All mammals are viviparous.

C. Bats are viviparous.

D. No bat is a bird.

E. No bird is a mammal.

F. All bats are mammals.

a. ADC           
 b. ABE             c. FBA                d. AFC


A. No mother is a nurse.

B. Some nurses like to work.

C. No woman is a prude.

D. Some prude are nurses.

E. Some nurses are women.

F. All women like to work.

ABE             b. CED                c. FEB              d. BEF


A. Oranges are sweet.

B. All oranges are apples.

C. Some sweet are apples.

D. Some oranges are apples.

E. All sweet are sour.

F. Some apples are sour.

DAC             b. CDA                c. BCA                 d. FEC


A. Zens are Marutis.

B. Zens are fragile.

C. Marutis are fragile.

D. Opels are fragile.

E. Marutis are Opels.

 F. Opels are

ACB               b. EFD              c. CEA                 d. ABC


A. Dogs sleep in the open.

B. Sheep sleep indoors.

C. Dogs are like sheep.

D. All indoors are sheep.

E. Some dogs are not sheep.

F. Some open are not sheep.

AFE              b. DCA               c. ABE               d. FBD

Direction for questions 12 to 16: In each
of the following sentences, the main statement is followed by four sentences
each. Select a pair of sentences that relate logically to the given statement.

6. Either Sam is ill, or he is drunk.

A. Sam is ill.

B. Sam is not ill.

C. Sam is drunk.

D. Sam is not drunk.

AB             b. DA             c. AC               d. CD

7. Whenever Ram hears of a tragedy, he loses sleep.

A. Ram heard of a tragedy.

 B. Ram did not
hear of a tragedy.

C. Ram lost sleep.

D. Ram did not lose sleep.

CA          b. BD              c. DB              d. AD

8. Either the train is late, or it has derailed.

A. The train is late.

B. The train is not late.

C. The train is derailed.

D. The train is not derailed.

AB          b. DB              c. CA              d. BC

9. When I read a horror story I have a nightmare.

A. I read a story.

B. I did not read a horror story.

C. I did not have a nightmare.

D. I had a nightmare.

CB         b. AD           c. BC              d. AC

10. When I eat berries I get rashes.

A. I ate berries.

B. I did not get rashes.

C. I did not eat berries.

 D. I got

DA           b. BC            c. CB            d. None of these

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1(b)    2(c)    
3(a)    4(a)     5(a)    
6(b)   7(c)    8(d)    
9(a)    10(b)   

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