Logical Reasoning Quiz for MBA entrance exams

Dear Readers,

This quiz consists of actual questions from various CAT
papers from the last few years. Leave your answers/ responses in the comments
section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

Questions 1 to 10: Each of these questions contains six statements followed by four sets
of combinations of three. Choose the set in which the statements are logically

1.  A. No
attendants are qualified.

     B. Some
nurses are qualified.

     C. Some
nurses are not qualified.

     D. All
nurses are attendants.

     E. All
attendants are qualified.

     F. Some
attendants are qualified.


    (a) ABF       (b) CDF        (c) BDF          (d) BDE

2.   A. Mary is
John’s wife.

      B. Mary
and John danced together.

      C. Mary
wears John’s ring.

      D. Husband
and wives danced the last waltz.

      E. John
loves Mary.

      F. John
danced last with Mary.

   (a) ADF        (b) ABD         (c) ACE           (d) AEF

3.  A. All roses
are fragrant.

     B. All
roses are majestic.

     C. All
roses are plants.

     D. All
plants need air.

     E. All
roses need air.

     F. All
plants need water.

  (a) ABC          (b) BCD        (c) CDE               (d) CEF

4.  A. Laxman is
a man.

     B. Meera is
Laxman’s wife.

     C. Some
women are islands.

     D. No man
is an island.

     E. Meera is
not an island.

     F. Laxman
is not an island.

  (a) ADE              (b) ABE              (c) ADF                (d) CDE

5.  A. College students
are intelligent.

Intelligence is a collegian’s attribute.

     C. Ram’s
sister is a college student.

     D. Ram is a
college student.

    E. All
intelligent persons go to college.

    F. Ram is an
intelligent person.

  (a) ADF              (b) BCD               (c) ABF              (d) ABD

6. A. Smoking causes cancer.

    B. All
cigarettes are hazardous to health.

    C. Smoking
doesn’t cause cancer sometimes.

    D. One brand
of cigarettes is cham – cham.

    E. Brand X causes

    F. Cham –
cham is bad for health.

(a) ABE               (b) BDF               (c) ABD              (d) ABC

7. A. All good bridge players play good chess.

    B. Many good
chess players are not bridge players.

    C. Goren is
a good bridge player.

    D. Goren
plays chess well.

    E. Spassky
plays chess well.

    F. Spassky
plays bridge badly.

 (a) ABD           (b) BEF                 (c) ACE               (d) ACD

8. A. All snakes are reptiles.

    B. All
reptiles are not snakes.

    C. All
reptiles are cold blooded.

    D. All
snakes lay eggs.

    E. All
reptiles lay eggs.

    F. Snakes
are cold blooded.

(a) ADE             (b) BDE               (c) ABE                    (d) ACF

9. A. All leaves are green.

    B. All
leaves have chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is green.

    D. All
plants have leaves.

    E. All
plants have chlorophyll.

    F. Only
leaves have chlorophyll.

   (a) BDE                (b) BEF                  (c) BDF                    (d) AEF

10. A. Some men are bald.

      B. Bald
people are intelligent.

      C. Raman
is a man.

      D. Raman
is bald.

      E. Raman
is intelligent.

      F. All men
are intelligent.

 (a) ABF                (b) BDE                   (c) BCD                   (d) BEF

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1(c)    2(a)    
3(c)    4(c)     5(a)    
6(b)   7(d)    8(d)    
9(a)    10(b)   

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