Logical Reasoning Quiz for MBA entrance exams

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This quiz consists of questions from
various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses in the
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1. Three children won prizes in the ‘Tech
India Quiz’ contest. They are from three schools: Lancer, Columbus and
Leelavati, which are located in different states. One of the children is named
Binod. Lancer school’s contestant did not come first. Leelavati school’s
contestant’s name is Rahman. Columbus school is not located in Andhra Pradesh.
The contestant from Maharashtra got third place and is not from Leelavati
School. The contestant from Karnataka did not secure first position. Columbus
school’s contestant’s name is not Badal.

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. 1St prize: Rahman (Leelavati), 2nd
prize: Binod (Columbus), 3rd prize: Badal (Lancer)

B. 1st prize: Binod (Columbus), 2nd prize:
Rahman (Leelavati), 3rd prize: Badal (Lancer)

C. 1st prize: Rahman (Leelavati), 2nd
prize: Badal (Lancer), 3rd prize: Binod (Columbus)

D. Both a and c

2. Mother Dairy sells milk packets in boxes
of different sizes to its vendors. The vendors are charged Rs. 20 per packet up
to 2000 packets in a box. Additions can be made only in a lot size of 200
packets. Each addition of one lot to the box results in a discount of one rupee
on all the packets in the box. What should be the maximum size of the box that
would maximize the revenue per box for Mother Dairy?

A. 2400 packets           B. 3000 packets           C.
4000 packets           D. none of above

3. All employees have to pass through three
consecutive entrance doors to enter into the office and one security guard is
deployed at each door. These security guards report to the manager about those
who come to office after 10 AM. Ms. Rani is an employee of this office and came
late on the annual day. In order to avoid report to the manager she had to pay
each security guard half of the money she had in her purse and 2 rupees more
besides. She found only one rupee with her at the end. How much money Ms. Rani
had before entering the office on the annual day?

A. Rs. 40          B.
Rs. 36          C. Rs. 25          D. Rs. 42

Direction for questions 4 – 6: Answer the
questions based on the following information.

Five women decided to go for shopping to
South Extension, New Delhi. They arrived at the designated meeting place in the
following order: 1. Aradhana, 2. Chandrima, 3. Deepika, 4. Heena, and 5.
Sumitra. Each of them spent at least Rs. 1000. The woman who spent Rs. 2234
arrived before the woman who spent Rs. 1193. One of them spent Rs. 1340 and she
was not Deepika. One woman spent Rs. 1378 more than Chandrima. One of them
spent Rs. 2517 and she was not Aradhana. Heena spent more than Deepika. Sumitra
spent the largest amount and Chandrima the smallest.

4. What was the amount spent by Heena?

A. Rs. 1193                  B. Rs. 1340                  C.
Rs. 2234                  D. Rs. 2517

5. Which of the following amount is spent
by one of the women?

A. Rs. 1139                  B. Rs. 1378                  C.
Rs. 2571                  D. Rs. 2518

6. The lady who spent Rs. 1193 is:

A. Aradhana                B. Chandrima              C.
Deepika                   D. Heena

Direction for questions 7 – 10: Answer the
questions based on the following information.

Mr. Mansingh has five sons – Arun, Mahi,
Rohit, Nilesh and Sourav, and three daughters – Tamanna, Kuntala and Janaki.
Three sons of Mr. Mansingh were born first followed by two daughters. Sourav is
the eldest child and Janaki is the youngest. Three of the children are studying
at Trinity School and three are studying at St Stefan. Tamanna and Rohit study
at St Stefan school. Kuntala, the eldest daughter, plays chess. Mansorover
school offers cricket only, while Trinity school offers chess. Beside, these
schools offer no other games. The children who are at Mansorover school have
been born in succession. Mahi and Nilesh are cricketers while Arun plays
football. Rohit who was born just before Janaki, plays hockey.

7. Arun is the _________________ child of
Mr. Mansingh.

A. 2nd              B.
3rd              C. 6th               D. 5th

8. Sourav is a student of which school?

A. Trinity                     B.
St. Stefan                 C. Mansorover            D. Cannot be determined

9. What game does Tamanna play?

A. Cricket                    B.
Hockey                    C. Football                   D. Cannot be determined

10. Which of the following pairs was not
born in succession (ignore the order)?

A. Mahi and Nilesh

B. Kuntala and Arun

C. Rohit and Janaki

D. Arun and Rohit

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1(d)    2(b) 
   3(b)    4(b)    
5(a)     6(c)   7(c)   
8(a)     9(d)    10(b)   

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