Broad tree-lined streets, interesting styles of architecture,beautiful parks,a place where culture is free-Welcome to the most desirable cities in the U.S.-Washington D.C.!.Being a capital definitely comes with a cost-cost in the form of crowded streets,high living standards,uneventful social life but D.C. pays for it all and in return, offers ethnic and cultural diversity.

‘The District’ serves as the most popular setting for Millennials as it helps the younger generation to launch themselves into the kind of lives they want to live

Considering Washington D.C. as your educational avenue requires you to have knowledge about the basic know-hows revolving around the place. Let us sift you through some of them:

  • Within the initial weeks of your stepping in Washington D.C.(Let’s just call it ‘D.C.’ or just the ‘District! ),you can satisfy the touristy soul by visiting the world famous historical museums like the American History Museum ,the Air and Space Museum,the famous Natural History museum, world-class art museums like the National Portrait Gallery and more, without dropping a dime !
  • Demographics:Until 2011,population in the District comprised majorly of the Blacks(~50%),But with the city’s growth and development and with people settling in from every possible corner of the world,people forgot that Washington has a native resident population too. 
  • Weather: Summers in Washington, D.C. are warm but the humidity can make you feel like a baking bun.Fall is beautifully crisp and typically the colorful time of the year .Winters are cold and snowy but what steals the show is the spring season,when mother nature is the most bountiful.The site of cherry blossoms all around is something more than just an Instagram post.
  • Food:As diverse as its culture, each meal at every restaurant is different,but what remains consistent is DC’s local flavor and trust us- it’s all delicious!.Half Smokes or hot dogs remain the prime delicacy .Mumbo sauce which is nothing but barbecue sauce, only sweeter,is a condiment used for everything and you are certain to develop a taste for it.Also,the food truck scene in D.C is amazing.
  • Directions:The city is divided into 4 quadrants (NE, NW, SE, and SW).It follows a grid pattern, with lettered streets running east-west and numbered streets running north-south. Diagonal streets — usually named after states — interrupt the grid and often intersect at circles.Relax ! It might seem confusing at first but later, It would all make perfect sense.
  • Transportation:Washington is a pedestrian’s dream,and walking is by far the best way to see the city or even the public transportation to avoid the crazy traffic.D.C. subways are air conditioned, clean, and highly convenient. Get a reusable smart card online to save money and time. Just remember one golden rule-‘walk to the left,stand to the right‘,be it while walking or on the elevators ,follow this and you are good to go !
  • Activities: Despite the fast paced life,people of the district find time to cheer their favorite hockey team-The Washington Capitals and virtually split, when it comes to which basketball team they want to root for-The Washington Redskins or The Ravens.They also have an undying love for biking.

Keeping these points in mind,let us now see what the American University in Washington D.C.has to offer to its students.

  • AU is very strong in a number of fields,most notably International Relations,Political Science and Communications.It was one of the first to have a campaign management institute.AU’s award-winning Career Center helps students land unique internships and careers.
  •  Location:The university, located in a suburban pocket of northwest Washington, is close to a stop on the D.C.-area Metro rail transit system. Rides downtown take about 15 minutes.Above all,accessibility of things can never be an issue for a capital city!
  • Faculty:At American University (AU),students learn from award-winning scholars and researchers, policy makers, authors, artists, filmmakers, lawyers, scientists, and journalists. AU’s faculty are both thought leaders and committed teachers, 94 percent of whom hold the highest degree in their field.
  • Accommodation :The university provides on-campus housing, which is high in demand.There are 9 residence halls.Housing is guaranteed for two years. Off-campus housing options are also open for students.The university provides guidance regarding accommodation,budgeting, neighborhood analysis etc.
  • Services:American University offers a number of student services,including non remedial tutoring, women’s center, day care, health service, health insurance. It offers campus safety and security services like 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late night transport/escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones, lighted pathways/sidewalks, controlled dormitory access (key, security card, etc).
  • Opportunities: There are several work opportunities both on-campus and off-campus.Students get substantive internships and full-time jobs with the help of university’s career center.AU also holds on-campus job interviews,provides resume assistance,career/job search classes and interview training to help the students to reach their academic, personal and professional potential.

There is certainly more to the university than the dynamic and supportive atmosphere it provides for its students .Get to know-it- all from the university’s representatives at the International EduFair (November 19 -November 21) and make an informed choice. Good luck !