Live Life To The Fullest

A very famous and inspirational saying “Live life as if it is your last day”, but how many of us actually apply it in our life? Or is it that simple to apply as it is to advice someone?

Everyone has their dreams and all are capable enough to achieve them but the difference is some are made to choose something different and some lucky ones are free to experiment. The room for mistake is very less in some case while some can take a lot of risk. All of us like to enjoy the life but the added responsibility at a small age and a definite time slot to limit your dreams forces some to change the priority. You cant just live life as if your last day but every day you have to think about the present day to make your last day better.

The risk can be taken when you have a back up plan ready and either you have nothing to loose or plenty to spend. But the one in between always need to play safe and end up into a working class shattering there dreams to fulfill there responsibilities.

I might sound a bit pessimistic but i really hope one day to overcome all these and beat the sky,fly high and touch the dream. A freedom for everyone to “Live the life as they want whether as a last day or the first day”.

If you are chosen to carry the load on your shoulders it is only because you can live with all these keeping your head high and just don’t let your dream to die at any point of time because there is no definite age to achieve it. “Think what you want to do and the world will arrange that for you”.