“Live as though every day is the exam day,” says Dean at Vidyalankar Coaching Institute

The tremendous study pressure that JEE aspirants have been tackling for the past 2 years has led to hectic and erratic schedules for many students. However, with only 10 days left for the JEE Mains 2016, students are now tending towards a more systematic study and sleep schedule so as reduce as much stress as possible.  R.R.Nadkarni, Dean of Vidyalankar Coaching Institute has given some lifestyle and study advises to JEE aspirants to get accustomed to the schedule on the day of the exam.

Students should start adjusting their timetable to that of the day of the exam. This means, tune yourselves to writing mock JEE papers in exam like conditions – in the same time band as the actual JEE Mains on Sunday 3rd April 2016. Lifestyle changes also need to be made to tune yourself to the exam day. For example, start waking up, bathing and eating breakfast at the same time that you would on the day on the main exam. Visit the exam centre a couple of days in advance so as to get an idea about the conveyance and time required to reach there. The idea is to be hassle free on the exam day. If the student is not accustomed to a certain timetable, there will be added stress to work according to a different schedule on the day of the exam.

Further, while revising concepts in these 10 days, it is advisable to rotate between studying the three subject daily. Do not study Maths for three days, Chemistry for the next three days and Physics for another three days at a stretch.  Study a little part of each subject every day.

While practicing mock papers, recognise the lengthy questions. There will be 2-3 questions in the paper which are too lengthy and time consuming to solve. Learn to spot such questions and try to attempt them last. Follow a specific order of attempting the three sections in the paper and stick to it, i.e either PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) or CPM (Chemistry, Physics, Maths). Do not attempt the Maths paper first, as it is generally the most difficult one.

Thus, specific habits need to be developed in the last 10 days of preparation for JEE Main 2016, so as to feel fresh and alert while attempting the exam.