Life with you (A Romantic Metaphor)

This article/letter as you can see i have written for a very special person in my life .

For past some days I have been agonizing over two key issues in my life:

1) Life with you

2) Life without you

It will be a prudent move to look at the brighter side of coin. So let’s talk about life with you at this crucial stage of my life.

Life with you is like the bunch of flowers in a flower shop with each flower having its own characteristics, waiting to be picked up .

Life with you will be the first ray of sun that reaches me every day and tells me that it’s time to wake up and realize those dreams for which I am dreaming for past 10 years.

Life with you will be like a pearl in the shell, precious and resplendent but hidden from the outside world until someone like me discovers it out.

Life with you will be that fresh drop of first rain, which enriches and elates the soul of everyone swiftly and flawlessly.

Life with you will be like riding a wave, often having ups and downs but with you being around I think I will manage.
Life with you will be that first prayer in the morning which comes out directly from the heart and is blissfully true.

Life with you is like a saint preaching me to see my hands first thing in the morning and I so wished the first thing I want to see is your face every day.

Life with you and the time spent so far with you is the best. I thank the almighty for being so courteous and generous in making me competent enough to reach out to you in ways I didn’t even imagine.

When it comes to Life without you.

Life without you: Sorry sweetheart, I cannot even imagine a life without you, forget about having one.

Truly Madly Deeply yours.